Enter a room with:

  • Ecommerce founders who have built brands and product sales to over sold over 1 BILLION dollars of revenue in Ecommerce. 
  • ​Business Intermediaries who have successfully guided over 3000 merger and acquisition transactions.
  • ​Private Equity and Investors who have billions of dollars to invest in ecommerce, tech, internet and SaaS companies.
  • ​Service providers enabling the success of the Ecommerce Ecosystem
It’s your chance to tap into the power of this collective genius to connect and collaborate with some of the top minds in ANY business today. 

You’ll be among the lucky few to learn the strategies, tactics and ideas to take your business to the next level… or to add a company like this to your portfolio. 

Most importantly you’ll gain the relationships and insights you need to achieve your exit or acquisition goals! 
"Packed with High Caliber Individuals"
"Best Mastermind Ever!"
"Billions of dollars"
Why Is This Vastly Different From Other Events?

You bring your top question, challenge or opportunity to the event and EVERY time, without fail, others in the room have experience they can share or contribute to help you.

  • Everyone is an expert - Everyone in the room has significant entrepreneurial or investment experience - This is a Peer Exchange Event, No Lectures
  • ​No out of date material - At the beginning of the event we start with a blank bulletin board and create the round tables LIVE with the most pressing issues and opportunities
  • No public speaking skills required - No stages, no microphones, all sessions are round table formats from 2-20 people at a time. Speak freely without fear if "sound dumb" or someone challenging your experience.
  • ​No recordings - Speak freely without fear of your topic being replayed or distributed online. NDAs Required by all attendees. 

At Past Events Where Have You Made The BEST Connections? 

Probably NOT in a boring presentation.

We bet it was outside of the event at the bar or while eating and talking to the other attendees, with your peers.

Lectures and Presentations are good for newbies but not for peers exchanging current topics.

Well… almost every single tradeshow or event I ever attended before starting Ecom Legends followed a similar format. And quite frankly it sucks.

You pay a whole bunch of money – show up and get handed your Schedule and Agenda and off you go.

Hopefully somewhere on that schedule is a topic that interests you or addresses one of your pressing business issues.

If not… maybe the bar will be open early.

Why does this happen?

Because They Think They Know What You Need… Better Than You Do Yourself.

That’s why our Agenda starts out blank – we don’t decide in advance what topics, questions and discussions YOU will want to engage in when you get here.

It’s “Choose Your Own Entrepreneurial Adventure” – And the deck is stacked in your favor. 

If you’re operating at the level of the rest of the entrepreneurs in this room… I’m pretty sure you have your own set of questions, challenges and opportunities that you want to have the tools to tackle when you leave.

So the reality is… the Agenda is up to you. 

  • No more irrelevant content. Period. No more having to “sit through” painfully long powerpoints that go nowhere just hoping for a nugget you can use.  
  • Ecom Legends gives you one of the most powerful Peer to Peer business collaborations you’ve ever experienced. Learn from everyone in the room, not just the one guy on stage. 
  • Over 1 BILLION dollars in entrepreneurial power all in the same room. Giants of Ecommerce open up to discuss their most personal strategies, tactics and more. (a lot of which they never, ever discuss in public) 
  • PLUS – the net leverage of this experience and learning that’s taken over 3000 Ecommerce companies through mergers and acquisitions since all the way back in 1998. (With a repeatable templated formula that nets millions every time it happens!)  
Leverage The Power Of This Collective And…
Expand Your Business In Way’s You Never Considered!
Ecom Legends is exactly what it says. We’re curating and bringing together the brightest, most serious, high level ecommerce entrepreneurs and investors in those companies. They are humble and don't see themselves as Legends, but they are paving the way to build businesses sought after by Private Equity, Family Office and Public Companies. They are the Legends of Ecommerce.

You’ll never find a dynamic like this at any other event or conference. You absolutely have to experience it in person.


Here’s the deal.
We created Ecom Legends really out of frustration.

After speaking in front of thousands of people all around the world and hosting dozens of more traditional events we realized the core structure of almost every single event and conference was dramatically flawed.

Hundreds of people sitting in chairs staring at the stage.

People in the audience with real questions not wanting to interrupt and actually ASK them for fear of blindsiding “the guru” or taking the entire room off track.

Trying to sift through all the extraneous information to find the nuggets of gold that would actually help an individual business.

Truth is… what we discovered is that the real networking and exchange of information was at the bar after the event ended for the day.

The intimate connection, the learning, the meeting of peers – THAT is what the true foundation of business is. And that’s the most powerful way to make an impact.

That’s why Ecom Legends exists.

That’s what we do at Ecom Legends.

We’re a peer exchange community for successful ecommerce founders and investors to join forces in building a world class business.

And because of that… we’ve got a couple of “rules of admission” you’ll need to have to qualify to become a part of this exclusive group.

This is what you need to know if you plan to attend:

1. Don't be a Jerk.
At this level of business everyone attending has had success and failures. Those experiences have shaped us and taught us and made us who we are now. No one attending NEEDS anything from anyone. We're all here because we want to be. There is no need to impress anyone. Check any ego at the door, be kind and generous with everyone you meet.

2. You must be willing to share.
So this one is important. This is a collaborative event. Frankly put, if you don’t want to participate this isn’t for you. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Seriously though.. every member of Ecom Legends is talking strategies, tactics, tips, and hacks they used to grow their business. We share our wins and our losses. And you must be willing to participate to be here.

3. You must be operating your business with integrity.
Here’s the thing. We’re picky about who gets this information. I know it sounds a little “in your face” but there’s a good reason. Ecom Legends is only for people with fully grounded business and moral ethics. We don’t have room for cut-throat tactics or black had techniques. That’s not how you build an empire. Everyone in this group is here to scale with authenticity and integrity.

4. You must be selling high 7 figures or more.
This event is not for startups. We all need to be working in the same revenue level. If you are not running a business that's already generating 7-Figures in revenue or more per year, then this event is not the right fit for you.

5. You must be investing in high 7 figures or more.
If you are a private equity firm or an investor, you need committed funds on your balance sheet and willing to show Nate that before entry. We all need to be working in the same universe. If you are not already buying businesses in the $1m-$150m range, then this event is not the right fit for you.

Everyone In This Group Is Ready To Help…

Event Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Event Dates: June 3-4, 2021
Event Breakdown:
Arrive June 2 no later than 10 PM.
June 3 - Sessions 9am-6pm
June 4 - Sessions 9am-6pm
Breakfast and Lunch Provided Each Day.
Refreshments During Sessions Provided.
"For Anyone Serious about Ecommerce"
"Amazing Opportunity."


Make Ecom Legends Your Best Investment In Yourself And Your Business This Year!

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